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Thank you for reading this auto accident victims special message: The 7 biggest myths about auto accidents.” My name is Dr. Jennifer Hammett

“You’ve been in an accident. You’re worried . You’re stressed. Your life is disrupted. You can’t believe it. An accident couldn’t have happened at a worse time! Now, on top of your career and home life, you have to go through the hassles of dealing with insurance companies, getting your car fixed, re-arranging all your appointments, and finding a way to get around without your car. You’re so busy! You don’t have time for all this. Why did this have to happen to you?

“And to top it off, you may have a serious injury you don’t know about. You may have felt it and dismissed it. That headache is just stress.. my neck stiffness will go away by the morning.. I just need more sleep. It’s no big deal...

“Well, the truth is your head can move up to 4 times the speed of impact in a split second. So that little 10 mph fender bender may have snapped your neck back and forth at 40 mph ripping and tearing ligaments, muscles, nerves, and other ‘soft tissues.’ Often, with no visible injury until arthritis cripples you 7 or eight years down the road.

“Whether the accident was your fault or not, the likelihood of injury is greater, not less, than most of us think. There are many politically and insurance driven myths out there that have little to with the real facts. It’s sick and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of watching people lose their health when they don’t have to. That’s why I put together the 7 biggest myths about auto accidents.


“Myth #1 – The amount of damage to the car was minimal, so it is unlikely anyone was injured.

“Fact: Dr. Larry Nordhoff, D.C.  proved that there is no relation between the amount of damage a car sustains and the injuries  its occupant suffers. There are many factors involved that contribute to injuries such as position in the vehicle, age, previous accidents, genetics, and much more. In fact, a small impact, even at low speeds is still capable of causing a disabling injury.


“Myth #2 – All people fake injuries to collect money.

“Fact: The time and hassles required to pull this off are so great only true con-artists and criminals ever try. Before paying a claim, the insurance companies will always check to verify if it’s legit. Unfortunately there are people who rip insurance companies off, but if your case is legitimate , don’t let the bad apples ruin your rights.


“Myth #3 – If I don’t feel pain right away, then I’m probably fine.

“Fact: Soft Tissue injuries to your neck and back can go weeks or months before you start feeling headaches, neck pains, or back pains. Other things like stiffness may not show up for years. There are few people out there who have the training and experience to determine if you are injured because no pain doesn’t necessarily mean, no injury.


“Myth #4 – The Emergency Room Doctor Released Me So I must be fine.

“Fact: The evaluations done by emergency room doctors are only meant to ensure you don’t suffer from any serious immediate injuries like broken bones, abrasions, lacerations, or concussions. Most of these doctors do recommend follow-up care to make sure they didn’t miss anything. Also, any x-rays they take are to rule out broken bones. They do not show soft tissue injuries well.


“Myth #5 – My insurance will go up if I see a doctor or bill my insurance.

“Fact: Your insurance will only go up if you are at fault, and only if the insurance company decides to. If you were not at fault then your rates should not go up.


“Myth #6 – All chiropractors are basically the same.

“Fact: Hardly. Some chiropractors, like me, concentrate in the diagnosis and safe treatment of soft tissue injuries caused by auto accidents. Seeing a doctor who is not familiar with  the sometimes complex paperwork and caring for auto accident patients can be disastrous to your case.


“Myth #7 – Children don’t get hurt in car accidents because they are young and flexible.

“Children get hurt all the time in car accidents, and are thought to be fine because they don’t complain about it. Your child can easily be injured in a car accident, (the same as you can) and should also be checked for soft tissue injuries following your accident.

“Let’s face it. Nobody likes the disruptions and hassles involved with auto accidents, let alone the discomfort and pain. As a specialist in treating car accident victims, I know that the last thing you want is to take time out of your busier than ever schedule to get checked out!

“Of course, you can wait and hope you are okay. That’s always your option. But it’s also the biggest risk you can take because any injuries you may have will start to heal incorrectly leading to long days of headaches, neck pain, stiffness, and eventually degenerative arthritis. These are all things that can be avoided.  Recently, the Nat’l Hwy Traffic Safety Administration  reported “A 10 Mile Per Hour Rear End Collision Is Equal TO the occupant catching a 200 lbs. Bag of cement dropped from a second story window!”


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